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We are a unique company worldwide, based in Sicily, to help students from over the world to do an internship in a multicultural environment by giving the best work experience in Italy.

We are eager to develop a Global Mindset and Soft Skills and Hard Skills and help companies/organization to internationalize their business with the support of students and STsicily methodology: in one word with The Internship Camp Program ®.

We provide an experience that gives you the confidence to deal with problems in your coming career. It is called Internship Camp, because it is an internship and students work in different companies but it is also a Camp: students live in the same village, that it is called Balestrate, close to each other, and sharing not only an experience of work but also an experience of life.

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Testimonials of StSicily: Alison Perrette

Alison Perrette

I come France. I live in the North-West of France, near to Nantes.

I am currently pursuing my higher national certificate in International Trade for two years in Lycée Europe Robert Schuman, in Cholet, France.

I have been selected by StSicily internship camp for three months an italian company based in Sicily as a trainee. Thanks to StSicily my current task is prospecting, marketing and improving my English.

Alison Perrette

Testimonials of StSicily: Lou Ann Leray

Lou Ann Leray

I come from Nantes, France. I’m currently attending a two year post Advanced Level course in international trade in Cholet, France, at the school Lycée Europe Robert Schuman.

At he moment, I am a trainee a StSicily internship camp, a company located in Balestrate, Sicily.

I am doing marketing, prospecting, and business devolopment. I would like to improve my Italian as well as my English.

Lou Ann Leray

Testimonials of StSicily: Hugo LevyHugo Levy

I come France, and I live in a city near Paris named Chatillon.

I am currently studying in International trade at Aurlom in Paris.

I look forward this internship abroad because it will allow me to improve my English, to get to know more about the italian culture and lifestyle, and most of all to improve my professional skills most in prospecting because its what i have studied during the year.

Also my hobbies are basketball, martials arts, and really travel like discovering foreign countries and new cultures.

Hugo Levy

Testimonials of StSicily: Deekshith ShettyDeekshith Shetty

I come from India. I am engineering mechanical graduate.

After my graduation i have work experience in the field of oil and gas as mechanical Engineer.

I have been selected and involved for an internship camp from StSicily Group, Italy for a stage in sales and marketing as project manager and a team leader.

To me this is a great opportunity to work abroad and lead consisting of people from different countries.

I am an open minded, curious, dynamic, and an entusiastic person who is much focused and interested in learning by doing

Deekshith Shetty

Testimonials of StSicily: Jean de Villemeur

Jean de Villemeur

I come from France and doing international trade degree of 2 years in Lycèe Notre-Dame du Granchamp in Versailles. 

I have been selected by StSicily, an italian company to do a two months internship started in May and finish in July.

Here I have done prospection realising a lot of database and surveys.

I have been really pleased to spend my time here and i thank Piero Tuzzo, my manager and Natalia Schneider, my English teacher for this really great experience.

Jean de Villemeur

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