Stage in SICILY
Our Internship program in Sicily gives you the best opportunity to gain international professional work experience in English Language while embracing Sicily’s most famous attribute – its friendliness!
Stage in SICILY
We help and follow companies in the internationalization process , using a new strong methodology that allows students and companies to achieve goals in just 7-12 weeks.
Stage in SICILY
We offer students a unique opportunity, combining the means of doing business and training in a context of international business.
Stage in SICILY
Positions are available for students who want to move their career in any of these areas forward by getting hands on experience in a professional setting, focus on Bts, International Commerce, Marketing, etc.
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Internship Camp

We are unique company world wide, based in Sicily, to help students from over the world to do an internship in multicultural environment and develop Global Mindset and soft Skill  and Hard Skills and help companies/organization to internationalize their business with the support of students and stsicily methodology : in one word with  The Internship Camp Program ® .    

It is called Internship Camp, because it is an internship and students work in different companies but it is also a Camp: students live in the same village, that it is called Balestrate, close to each other, and sharing not only an experience of work but also an experience of life.

The Internship Camp Program ®  in Sicily offers you the best chance to work for a Sicilian company in prospeting, marketing and sales, business development, communication, international business,  while immersing yourself in their vibrant culture and economy while grasping Sicily's most well known attribute - its friendliness! This also provides an excellent opportunity to visit Sicily and sample their cultures. Palermo and Catania are easily reachable by train as you take your weekends to explore the great cities of Italy! It is an experience that includes a maximum of 50 understudy graduates (chosen by us) that might want to complete professional experience. Your internship placement will be customized to you and your goals in your chosen field and who want to move their career in any of these territories forward by getting hands on board.

We carefully select students, partner schools and companies.

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Student Experience

Since the start, what I most cherished about living in Sicily is the opportunity. I don't hesitate to be who I am, do what I like, and make the most of my time feeling that I have several conceivable outcomes to develop expertly.

My internship is winding up more significantly than I anticipated. Aside from the colossal advantages that my expert career has picked up, my preferred piece of this internship is the human connections. I have found people with a totally different background from mine that I can get near in any case. They invest their time showing me their way of life, their insight, and they additionally mess around with me, and I have felt like home from the primary day. I interned in Sicily since I needed to try something entirely new from my past encounters, that looked very challenging and very exciting simultaneously.

During my internship, I'm dealing with our clients, I'm getting comfortable with the café's menu and I'm improving my administration abilities watching my guide at work. At that point I'm moving toward the sea and cruise region, I'm finding out about wine, furniture, sellers, and stock stuff, and it's everything being very stimulating to me.

We follow and certify that students/ Stager spend their time in the company in value-added activities for both students and the company.

Internship Experience

Work Experience in English Language

We applied for this internship camp program and got selected as project management interns. And it is a unique experience with different kind of skill set to implement and learn. Here we are going to learn about the culture in Italy and communication with the business to finish the project in the given time-frame. And we would like to recommend students to join this internship camp abroad and build their career.

All Available Fields and Sectors

Marketing and Communication, International Trade, Public Relations, Food, Real Estate, Sales, Tourism And Travel, Accounting, Advertising, Architecture, Arts And Culture, Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Construction Management, Design & Multimedia, Education, Fashion, Finance, Green Business, Hotel And Hospitality, Human Resources, Law And Legal Services, Networking, Office Administration, Politics And Advocacy, Software Development, Web Design, Programming, Information Systems

Camp Location

Process Recruitment

Apply, CV, Video CV, Skype Singular Interview, Psycological Test and Group Interview.

STsicily - Social Tourism in Sicily Soc. Coop.

tel: +39 347 3836779

Via Repubblica, 57 - 90041 Balestrate (PA)

P.IVA/C. Fiscale 06351290827

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