Stage in SICILY
Our Internship program in Sicily gives you the best opportunity to gain international professional work experience in English Language while embracing Sicily’s most famous attribute – its friendliness!
Stage in SICILY
We help and follow companies in the internationalization process , using a new strong methodology that allows students and companies to achieve goals in just 7-12 weeks.
Stage in SICILY
We offer students a unique opportunity, combining the means of doing business and training in a context of international business.
Stage in SICILY
Positions are available for students who want to move their career in any of these areas forward by getting hands on experience in a professional setting, focus on Bts, International Commerce, Marketing, etc.
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Students searching for Internship

Internship program in Sicily gives you the best chance to increase international work experience in English Language while grasping Sicily's most well known attribute is its friendliness! It is an Experience that include a Maximum of 40 understudy graduates (chosen by us)that might want to complete professional Experience. The program is open lasting through the year which means you can get a full Sicily involvement in a top area while working nearby your companions and improving your resume. Positions are accessible for understudies who want to move their Career in any of these territories forward by getting hands on involvement in an expert setting, focus around Bts, International Commerce, Marketing, and Business Development.

We carefully select students, partner schools and companies.

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After years of experience in companies and multinational contexts, in business consultancy, training and tourism, we have invented an innovative business that combines the interests of universities and / or foreign students /Stager and / or children of entrepreneurs to make a profitable experience with practical and commercial cutting in Italy and specifically in Sicily, (combined with the desire to make an experience abroad and deepen or improve the knowledge of English Language) to the interests of Italian companies (Sicilian at the time) of any sector, to internationalize the business in foreign markets. But also the exquisitely "tourist" one of discovery, knowledge, enhancement and promotion of the Italian / Sicilian territory (municipalities, provinces, regions) and not least that of integration between different cultures.

Practical and commercial development combined with constant Tutoring / Coaching (both for students and companies) guarantees students / Stager the acquisition of skills that can be spent on the labor market, to companies an internationalization strategy that allows in a short time the acquisition of new potential customers (through a Lead Generation structured system, starting from a market analysis, of the competition and of the 5 Porter forces) and finally the closing of contracts.

We follow and certify that students/ Stager spend their time in the company in value-added activities for both students and the company.

Boys'Experience - Alicia's Experience

What is Included?


5 min far from Companies, Bus Station, Train Station, Beach, All the amenities


from/To Airport

Business English

English or Italian Course ** (ask a details Program)

Take a look at English course program

Local Events

Possibility to attend a big program of Local Events Organized *** (ask a details Program)

Take a look at past events


Sicilian style resume revision


Interview preparation workshop


Guaranteed Internship Placement


Pre-departure information and advice


Welcome orientation


Assistance with social security, etc.


Internet access & mail holding service


Support and monitoring throughout the duration of the program


Airfare, Medical Insurance, Visa and/or Work Permits Application Fee, Foodes for both students and the company not included.

Work Experience in English Language

Camp Location

Dates & Duration

Available for 2 Months minimum, 6 months maximum
Start Date: all year round


To be defined together with the school.


Students already did the stage come from
OMNIS Strasbourg
Lycée Victor Hugo Poitiers
Lycée St Gabriel
Lycée Silvia Monfort
Lycée Marcel in Berthelot
Lycée La Pléiade
Lycée Jules Lesven
Lycée Gabriel Faure
Lycée Fragonard
Lycée Félix le Dantec
Lycée Europe Robert Schuman
Lycée Condorcet, Belfort
Lycée Choiseul, in Tours
Lycée Albert Schweitzer
ISIFA Plus Values
High School Jean-Baptiste Colbert

Process Recruitment

Apply, Paper CV, Video CV, Skipe Singular an Group Interview.

STsicily - Social Tourism in Sicily Soc. Coop.

tel: +39 347 3836779

Via Repubblica, 57 - 90041 Balestrate (PA)

P.IVA/C. Fiscale 06351290827

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