RAI interview with Piero Tuzzo, Director and Co-founder of StSicily

Intervista RAI STSICILY - RAI interview StSicily

July 2018: RAI interview Piero Tuzzo, Director of StSicily to learn more about the Internship Camps

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The RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana, the national public broadcasting company of Italy) interview with Piero Tuzzo, Director, and Co-founder of StSicily, in July 2018 was made to learn more about the activity carried out in the Internship Camps, training courses aimed at foreign students at Sicilian companies, with the aim of helping them to internationalize your business. Guests in the studio, in addition to the engineer Piero Tuzzo, also Vincenzo Adragna, entrepreneur in the Pet Food sector, and a French student attending the Internship Camp of StSicily. During the interview Piero Tuzzo described what the activity of StSicily consists of, a company that deals with consultancy for the development of Business, Training, and Tourism. StSicily stands for “Social Tourism”, or “Stage in Sicily”, an entrepreneurial reality that has managed to create a synergy between local companies (to help them develop their business abroad, that is, to internationalize), and universities foreign students to bring together students from abroad, who, having the peculiarity of knowing the language spoken in the countries where the business is to be expanded, can help companies to open new markets in those countries. The training activity undertaken by StSicily offers many advantages to the development of Sicilian territories, especially in the tourism sector, a cornerstone of the Sicilian economy.


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