BALESTRATE, internship in tourism company, union with French universities and schools

Internship Camp a Balestrate

Internship Camps in Balestrate

Internship Camps in Balestrate (Sicily): training events to promote tourism at an international level. The initiative starts from an entrepreneurial group: StSicily, directed by the engineer Piero Tuzzo, who for some years has started a process of internationalization of Sicilian companies that involves the University of Palermo and several French and English schools. Foreign students who arrive in Balestrate work in tourism related businesses, getting to know the local entrepreneurial tourism system closely, thus training themselves with a view to receptivity. To be involved in the StSicily project are the most important and varied entrepreneurial activities of Balestrate that will take care of training young people: Orlando import-export of anchovies, Jumbo car rental, Marina Holiday Spa, etc. The Marina di Balestrate could not miss the appeal of the port services that manages the tourist port In a note from StSicily it emerges that: “the training needs of students are combined with the needs of local companies to develop their business outside Italy, in exchange students come to Balestrate, and its surroundings, to learn how to work in tourism sector. As well as being hosted and enjoying the beauties and local traditions, students will be able to enter into the mechanisms of organizing events aimed at promoting the development of the territory “.



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