Internship Summer Camp 2018 STsicily: when business enhances territoriality

Internship Summer Camp 2018

Internship Summer Camp 2018: StSicily project for the internationalization of Sicilian companies through the training of foreign students

The Internship Summer Camp 2018 project brought 30 French university students to Balestrate (Sicily), who for about 3 months, carried out an internship in tourist facilities in the area, in a professionalizing and extremely formative path. The ambitious project, conceived by StSicily, directed by engineer Piero Tuzzo, offers foreign students an internship linked to highly professionalizing international trade, and gives companies the opportunity to internationalize their business. The InternShip Summer Camp 2018 project involved 30 foreign students, and 10 Sicilian companies, present in the area between Palermo and Trapani, guided in a two-way training course that brings multiple advantages. While on the one hand the students themselves had the opportunity to work in the field in highly professional environments by combining the way of doing business with training, all inserted in an international trade context, the same companies involved were able to manage the expansion of the business. their trade across borders thanks to the expertise acquired within an international circuit, making use of the partnership undertaken with well-known universities and companies that are particularly well-known at European level. Commitment and passion are the basis of STsicily, characteristics that have allowed Tuzzo himself to affirm a unique initiative of its kind, demonstrating a deep respect for the Sicilian territory in its entirety. On the other hand, as Phil Libin also said, “There are a lot of bad reasons to start a business. But there is only one good and legitimate reason to do it, and I think I know what it is: to change the world “.


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