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About Us

Simon Sinek, with the Golden Circle theory, says: a company that offers a product or a service should answer three questions, It should start with why,

  • why it does ;
  • how it does;
  • what it does.


  • We want to share our knowledge with students and build up the future.
  • We like to work with Major world wide Schools/Business School that aim to teach students in Hard Skills in Marketing/Sales
    either in Soft Skills.
  • We want a world without Borders, we want to create a world wide identity, create connections between peoples from different Countries, where Sicily is the craftsman, the center, the fulcrum and young students the levers.
  • We want to promote, Sicily, Sicilian companies and Made in Sicily, abroad with the collaboration/Help of young expats students and xenophiles.
  • We want to export Sicily over the world, remaining in Sicily.


  • Through the Internship Camp ┬«, a unique experience that involves a limited number of international students coming to Sicily for an internship and a limited number of Sicilian companies, who want to get involved in business internationalization projects,┬áMarketing, business development, Business Scouting.
  • Guaranteed results.

From several years,
We provide training, consulting and Tourism services

  • Training: we work with managers and students, with the future, with whom we share (we do not like the term teaching) methods, work tools and development of softskills / Hardskills
  • Tourism: on various projects, we promote the territory, food, Sicily: the island of myth that has become a legend.
  • Consulting: we support Sicilian companies to internationalize with projects that involve students and with an internal developed methodology.

If you have an idea, if you are a company, big or small, a start up, interested in exporting a product or service, or willing to expand internationally We give you Tools, resources and methods.

If you are a Bts School or University or Business School, looking for a Reliable Partner, to work with or you are a student searching a really outstanding internship experience in Marketing, sales, international Trade, in order to develop your soft skills and to have an unforgetable experience, STsicily is the answer.

Do you want to be ours?


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