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About Us

We are focused on the needs of our customers who are students and companies (SMEs and start-ups)

We are leaders in collaboration with world-class organizations to offer extraordinary opportunities to interns and especially providing internships in Europe for foreigners. Tools, methods, and resources to start-ups or SMEs, who want to grow in the international environment are our main goal to give an intern in our summer program internship. Our main goal is to provide internships for high school students and create opportunities for an undergraduate with the finest experience through a registered trademark (internship camp ®) and a consolidated methodology;

In our summer internship 2021 we are committed to providing international development, mentoring, and opportunities that would be slightly difficult or impossible to find to discover, and with a growing number of talented members who join us every year.

Our goal is to positively change the life and community of our participants (students and companies) now and forever by supporting their dreams, providing a life-changing experience, and empowering them to achieve their goals. At the same time offers consultancy service to companies focused on internationalization and start-up support as we are mentoring them.

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