Balestrate - Sicily

Embark on a life-changing internship experience in Balestrate, Sicily, with our Internship Camp designed just for students.

Nestled along the captivating Sicilian coastline, Balestrate invites you to explore a unique mix of cultural richness and natural beauty. This program encourages students to dive into hands-on experiences with top local and international companies, giving valuable insights into different industries. It’s also a chance to improve language and communication skills in an authentic Italian setting.

Our carefully planned workshops and networking events aim to build meaningful professional connections. Weekends are filled with fun boat trips, nature adventures, and enjoyable group activities. Outside of work, students can immerse themselves in the local culture, wandering through charming streets with cozy restaurants and historic buildings.

With comfy accommodation and transportation provided, Balestrate becomes the perfect place for personal and professional growth. It offers a complete internship experience set against the beautiful landscapes of Sicily, making it a fantastic opportunity for students looking for a transformative journey.


The price fee is variable.

In the months between October, until May the cost is €2000/month, while from June until September the cost is €2500/month.*

The fee includes:

  • A guaranteed internship in your field of interest.
  • Airport pick up included in all locations.
  • Housing during your entire stay abroad with the program.
  • Welcome Orientation.
  • Welcome Dinner and Welcome Pack.
  • Transportation to and from work, if needed.
  • Planned weekend activities.
  • Hard and Soft skills workshops and courses.
  • 24/7 Professional on-site assistance

*Discounts or scholarships may be applied (or the price may be negotiated with the school), resulting in potential changes to the overall price.*

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