Balestrate – Italy

Balestrate - Sicily

Sicily is one of the most valued places for vacations in Italy for its sea, beaches, mountains, but especially for all the churches that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Internship will be held in Balestrate, a town near the sea, very populated by young boys in the summer.

Here you will help local companies to expand abroad, you will be supported by professionals who will help you to learn all the most useful notions and information.Here you will learn how to develop a business, how to market a product.

You will expand and refine your skills that today’s companies are demanding.

You will also expand your knowledge of Italian culture.

You will visit churches, go on excursions, boat trips… We will also make sure that here your lifestyle is high, above average and that you are doing well. In short, you will leave here entertained and with more knowledge and extreme job skills.

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