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Because it is a unique cool Experience, you have the possibility to work in an international environment, work  in team, do a really profitable certified work experience in Marketing, International Trade, Sales, Business Development, learn a new language, develop either Hear/SoftSKills,  discover Sicilian culture, stunning places, very tasty and affordable food and pizza, amazing beaches, meet new people/friends., create connection. Because it is an unforgettable life experience.  Don’t you think so ? Look at the video here .Or have a look at our Youtube Channel here


Because we take a lot of care about your Students/Children

Because we are a super reliable partner

Because we work with the main Universities/Business School of France and Europe/WorldWide

Because we have experience of work with many different Business schools and Universities from 2009.

Because we are a Consulting, Training, Tourism company

Because of our idea to connect people

Because we promote the School Partner on TV, Linkedin, Facebook, Radio, News Papers, Web sites.

It is not enough?

Because we are business people  and we have deep experience in many industries and many sectors

Because we are passionate people

Because we think to know what kind of skills students should develop to have success in  life: passion, methods,  leadership qualities, Team Building and Hard Skills and especially Soft Skills

Not enough?

Because we certified the quality of the stage, and that the work of the student involves in value-added


Because we monitor the quality, organize follow ups and surveys during the internship to check that everything is going well

Because we speak with the students daily, organize extra activities together

Because we like sharing our knowledge about the business (sharing not teaching): “Share your knowledge it is the way to achieve immortality”

Because this is not a school and it is not a Master, it is more: it is The Internship Camp by STsicily

The Internship Camp is a profitable internship experience that involves a maximum of 40 students that live in the same village and work in the different companies in various sectors but share the same methodology of work or carry on similar specific internationalization projects. The students develop and deepen their skills in marketing and commercial prospecting fields, create lists of  a database, team building, and practice or learn a new language, enjoy Italian lifestyle, attend sightseeing tours and several local events, and at the same time cooperate with other colleagues from diverse Business Schools from the different countries. One of our main goals is to develop a European or even a World Wide Identity of connecting people.

No, knowledge of Italian language is not mandatory at all (but always an advantage). Basic English level is necessary to communicate, attend the interview, work and understand the tasks. We organize also the Italian language courses as well as English advanced /Business courses.

If you are a student of BTS International Trade or you are studying in a Business School or you are studying Marketing, Sales, Commercial, Digital Marketing, Business Strategy, or similar, or you wish to give a big jump to your career, you are ambitious, curious to discover new country, learn a new language, you are the ideal candidate for us. We offer two kinds of Internship:

Internship Camp “Beginner”:  first work company experience, age 18-21, the first year of the University. Internship Camp Professional: already some internship or work experience, you will be managing in a few weeks the “Beginner” Students, possibly in budgeting, scheduling tasks, etc.  you will get a new experience in the manager position in a very short time.

You have to apply by sending your CV as well as 1 min. Video about yourself.  After that, we proceed with an interview via Skype, singular or in  the group. The places are limited

With the aim to maximize the experience and minimize the cost  we offer a package of :

  • Accommodation close to the working place, bus and train station, beach, supermarkets, cafes
  • Transportation from/to the Airport  or car if necessary
  • Sicilian style resume revision
  • Interview preparation workshop
  • Guaranteed  profitable Internship placement
  • Pre-departure information and advice
  • Welcome orientation
  • Assistance with social security, bank account etc.
  • Internet access & mail holding service
  • Support and monitoring throughout the duration of the program
  • Tutoring during  the duration of the program
  • Certification at the end of stage
  • Possibility to attend a various program of the local events Organized ***(ask  details)
  • Connection with other students
  • Remuneration (10 % variable)
  • Education(Langguage and Business course)

The location of the Internship Camp is in Balestrate, an authentic Sicilian Village, between Palermo and Trapani Airport, ca. 30 min drive. The village is an excellent starting point for daytrips in the area. Some examples of places of interest (including historic sites) that can be easily reached (and where we organize tours):

  1. Segesta: a beautiful temple and an amphitheater on top of a hill, overlooking the Golf of Castellammare 
  2. Erice, a medieval town 750 meters high upon a rocky mountain. Great views, nice town and famous for its marzipan and couscous 
  3. Marsala, the city itself (in the morning: visiting the market), its museums, the salt pans and Spanish windmills and the Island of Mozia with a historic art museum 
  4. Monreale, most beautiful Cathedral in the area (from the inside): magnificent mosaics and a nice cloister 
  5. Palermo: we'll show you the most beautiful road to this amazing city 
  6. Cefalù, a medieval coastal town with its sandy beach. 
  7. Trapani: a picturesque harbor and historic center and a starting point for a trip to the islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo
  8. Gibelina and Gibellina nuova: A town destroyed by the 1968 earthquake and completely rebuilt throwing overboard all building regulations: you'll find here a great diversity in building styles and a lot of art 
  9. Castellammare del Golfo: a coastal town with a charming harbor. 
  10. Scopello: a pleasant place to have a drink, enjoy the local dish "pane cunzatu" and visit the famous "Tonnara". 
  11. Nature reserve Lo Zingaro: take a long walk in this beautiful area and enjoy the view of the Golf of Castellammare 

We offer self catering accommodations all close to each other, in double /triple bedrooms,  In the center of Balestrate Village, close (ca. 5 min walking distance) to the sandy Beach, supermarkets, local food markets, restaurants, shops, train and bus station, and other facilities, and not more than 5 min walking distance from place to work so you don’t have get crazy to reach the place of work and further more all the students are living close to each other in they ray of 500 meters for easy going out. It sounds like a dream. Isn’t it? It is. If you ( for some reason) wish or need to have a private room, you have to send a special request.

Usually you share the house with the same group of classmates of your School and/ or (rare) with another group of classmates of the other school.  Each house is up to 2/3 to 6 , 8 maximum persons.

This is an Internship Camp:  It is NOT possible to choose or organize the accommodation separate from the program.  All the accommodations are chosen carefully, are comfortable and well equipped, close to each other, in the center of the village, close to the working places, etc. For Instance click here.  If you have specific needs, you can inform us.

Yes,  only if it was agreed with us in advance! In any case, your friend, relatives, parents who want to visit you, can get a discount and special rate that is only valid for Stsicily Stage Students. Also other benefits like special rates for transfer, car rent and tours etc.

Although a few students have a deep knowledge of English. For most of them, their english knowledge is not enough at work. That’s why we decided to include the course once a week during the period of internship. To download the program please have a look at the home page.

If you wish to have a list of the partner companies, please ask in advance. All chosen companies are medium size, where you easily can understand the business and the procedure and “Jump” quickly in to work.  We have created a strong methodology that we use and it doesn’t depend on the kind of company. It is standardized for all and starts with a Brainstorming Analysis and Market definition, development of the contact list of the potential clients, send a commercial letter, calls, work with social media and so on.  If you get the placement, we confirm your place in the camp and sign the agreement with your school. The company will be assigned based on your preferences and availability.

Mainly, you will carry on marketing prospecting commercial project and in the mean time, work on different kind of activities. To get an idea, visit our Home page.

We know that you are students, and this is not only a work experience and you wish to enjoy your time in Sicily. For this reason the maximum number of the hours that you work is 35 per week. Usually it is less.  We like you to work by results or by task: if you finish or complete the task before, you are off.

Although the internship is unpaid, according to school, we define a variable salary of 10 % of sales or prize based on results. Are you a hard worker? You will be rewarded.

To have an idea about the local events, please visit our Home Page and download the calendar. Every year, we do a new calendar. Some of them are free like tour guide in the big cities (you pay only the bus tickets), other are extremely priceless (for you only).

Yes, it is! According to Numbeo (link here) , Palermo City is 40% less expensive then Paris. Consider that Balestrate village is 30% less expensive then Palermo. So make your calculation☺

We have been working with Foreign Schools and Universities from 2010 having not more then 2 students. If you consider a “Camp” an internship with over 3 students, we started in 2016 with “The Bridge Project” and in the past 3 years we have been bringing an ever-growing group of French/European student-interns to Sicily: 4 students in 2016, 15 students in 2017, 30 in 2018, 40 in 2019

Although the quality of the experience is high, we keep the price down as much as possible and at the moment, the price is between 900 and 1300 Euro per month.  The price difference depends on the period of the Camp, if it is in the winter or in the summer. We have also different scholarships; this means that we or the company decide to cover a part of the cost.

More than what we already offer? Yes ☺ We have been working on to create a network of restaurants, bars and other places where you  can get a discount between 10 and 15%.

To apply is free at the moment, but since we receive too many requests, it will be not for free in a few months. The cost will be 100 euros, but you will get it back. How? We will give you immediately a voucher that if you join the camp, you can use it as a payment. If you will not participate for some reason, you can use the 100 euros to spend for your Holiday in Sicily (no expiry date) and that can be used as a present.

After that you did all the selection process (cv, 1 min video, skype interview, group interview about school and motivation to join The Internship Camp) we will give you an answer in not more then one week. If you get the placement,  we confirm your place in the camp and sign the agreement with your school. The company will be assigned based on your preferences and availability later.

You need to take only clothes and toothbrush  . The houses are fully furnished with strong wi-fi, towels and sheets are provided. An Italian Dictionary would be recommended .

As mentioned, we are located in the middle, between Palermo and Trapani airport. 30 mins by car. You can have a look at the flights with  Since you will inform us about your time of arrival, we will organize a pick up in the aiport, then your dream will begin. Have a look at this video of the previous students from last year here

Since you will inform about your time of arrival, we will organize a pick up. When you exit out of the airport you will see a person holding “STSICILY” sign board. Have a look at this video of past students last year here

To paraphrase Phil Libin

There’s lot of bad reasons to start an Internship Camp in Sicily. But there’s only one good, legitimate reason, & I think you know what it is: it’s to change the world!

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