Gran Canaria – Spain

Gran Canaria - Spain

Gran Canaria is one of the Canary Islands, of volcanic origin, the third largest island in Macaronesia and the second most populated island of the archipelago, being its capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the largest city and metropolitan area of the Canary Islands and is among the ten large metropolitan areas of Spain (700 thousand inhabitants).

Politically it shares the status of capital of the Canary Islands with Santa Cruz de Tenerife where the local parliament is located, while Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the seat of the Spanish government in the Canary Islands.

Gran Canaria with an area of 1,560.1 square kilometers and a maximum height of 1956 meters with the Pico de las Nieves, is the third largest island of the archipelago in size and altitude. Here in addition to seeing the breathtaking scenery, making new friends with local boys and girls, and having fun you will learn a lot of new things.

Also here you will be supported by professionals who will train you every day with practical knowledge of your chosen field and help companies develop their business.

In this way, when you finish this internship you will be able to work independently and to your full potential. Also, in this way, as soon as you finish your studies, you will have more chances to occupy higher positions and not the basic ones.

So we are waiting for you here in Spain or in another location in the world among those we offer!

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