Who We Are

Innovation, Internationalization, and Training: The Essence of STSicily

STSicily, established in 2016, is an organization dedicated to enhancing students’ careers by connecting them with top local and international Italian companies.

Throughout the internship, we curate workshops and courses that delve into both the specific domain of the internship and essential soft skills. In today’s digital age, acquiring hard skills is easily accessible; however, what is often lacking is proper education on soft skills.

Whether aspiring to be an entrepreneur or an employee, soft skills are indispensable. They serve as the distinguishing factors based on your values. While hard skills are highly regarded in a competitive world, equal importance must be placed on effective communication, empathetic listening, understanding systemic thinking, embracing design thinking, fostering creativity, and cultivating critical thinking.

In a landscape saturated with competition, the ability to communicate effectively and possess these soft skills is paramount. We believe in developing a well-rounded skill set that goes beyond technical expertise.

Beyond the internship, we actively engage in open innovation strategies with our students, fostering creativity and generating new ideas. We facilitate an environment that benefits companies significantly, enabling them to revitalize their internal departments and enhance their brand. On weekends, we extend the learning experience beyond the professional realm by organizing enjoyable and networking activities, such as boat trips, sightseeing tours, cooking classes, events, and various other engaging activities. These activities aim to facilitate connections among students, fostering new friendships and creating a supportive community.

Over the years, through conversations with our alumni, we’ve come to recognize that our program is not just an internship; it’s a life-changing experience that significantly impacts the lives of the participating students.

Our Mission

Empowering Students and Assisting Companies in Internationalization Through Dynamic Internships and Workshops

At STSicily, we relentlessly empower students and catalyze their journey into the professional realm, fostering dynamic skills and vibrant collaboration through immersive internship experiences and workshops. Our core values—transparency, ethics, sustainability, systemic thinking, inclusivity, and knowledge sharing—illuminate a path to a brighter and more sustainable future for students, schools, and companies alike.

Internship in Sicily

At STSicily, our relentless mission is to empower students as they step into the professional realm, supercharging their skills—both soft and hard—through immersive internship experiences and dynamic workshops in the internship domain. Our core values—transparency, ethics, sustainability, systemic thinking, inclusivity, and knowledge sharing—fuel a vibrant community where collaboration among students, schools, and companies sparks a brighter and more sustainable future.

We target students, schools, and companies with offerings that go beyond the ordinary. For students, our Internship Camp isn’t just a program; it’s a transformative journey, aligning them with top local and international companies in Italy. In addition to hands-on experience, weekends are a celebration of Italian culture, and workshops propel personal and professional growth. For companies, our consultation packages are a catalyst for innovation, driving profitability while championing sustainability and employee well-being.

STSicily stands out as a beacon of expertise, with a team of recognized entrepreneurs and industry luminaries. Our everyday practices are a testament to our unwavering commitment to core values, setting new standards in the industry.

Our Vision

Realizing Tomorrow: Global Innovation Hubs and Sustainable Success

Imagine a world where innovation knows no bounds. Our vision transcends borders as we aspire to create innovation hubs globally. Picture companies, startups, and students collaborating to engineer solutions for today’s most pressing challenges. We’re not just dreaming; we’re making it happen.

Our disruptive vision challenges the status quo, encouraging companies to adopt more sustainable and systemic approaches. At the heart of our decision-making principles is a commitment to creating positive ripples, ensuring students thrive and companies flourish sustainably. STSicily cultivates a culture of connections, inclusivity, and sustainability, shaping a systemic impact that resonates across the professional landscape.

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