Consulting, Training and Tourism, the three “souls” of StSicily

The story of StSicily, a Consulting Company for Business Development, Internationalization, and Training

StSicily, was born in 2015; deals with Business Development Consultancy, with particular regard to internationalization processes, and the related training needs, with a specific focus on the world of SMEs.

The name StSicily contains three different meanings: Service Trade, Stage in Sicily, Social Tourism in Sicily, thus highlighting the three “souls” of the company which, referring respectively to the three elements described above, are: Consulting, Training and Tourism.

The activities carried out are focused on projects that, through the development of the individual company, are productive of positive effects also for the entire territory. StSicily’s training courses are based on internship camps (registered trademark), which started in 2016, are designed to involve a limited number of foreign students, mainly from Higher Technical Institutes, and Business Schools, who intend to develop a path of professional growth, carrying out practical activities in a highly stimulating environment.

The students, working under the supervision of expert tutors, will have the opportunity to increase their skills, working on issues related to business development, operational marketing, and international trade.

StSicily’s mission: business internationalization, through the Internship Camp ® brand

StSicily specializes in business internationalization, through the Internship Camp ® brand, an initiative through which young people from all over the world are hired and followed in Sicilian companies to work on their development, and that of the entire territory.

In practice, StSicily operates as an “intermediary”, interfacing with three elements:

  • The school – StSicily can provide the necessary support to foreign students in creating employment opportunities through internships, and training in the company; this is made possible thanks to the fact that we are a leader in collaborating with world-class organizations, to offer extraordinary opportunities for interns to grow professionally.
  • SMEs and start-ups – StSicily is able to provide tools, methods, and resources, to startups or SMEs that want to grow on the international scene, through internship camps, and a consolidated methodology: Stmethodology.
  • The territory – The action of StSicily, aimed at making schools and companies interact, is found in a positive way in the development of the Sicilian territories, which require above all an enhancement from a tourism point of view, a strategic sector for the entire Sicilian economy.
Internship in Sicily

Ultimately, StSicily is committed to providing development to companies, and mentoring, to foreign students, thus generating, for both parties, a series of successful opportunities at an international level, to be exploited wisely.

These are opportunities that would be somewhat difficult, or even impossible to find, or to discover, otherwise with other methods, achieving the same results obtained by StSicily: an increasing number of talented members who, every year, enthusiastically participate in the various organized initiatives.

StSicily’s goal is to positively change the life, and the mentality of the participants (students and companies), now and forever, by supporting their dreams, providing students with a life-enhancing experience, helping them to achieve their objectives, and at the same time offer advice to companies focused on internationalization, and provide start-ups with adequate support such as mentoring.

“We know that behind every company or organization there is a talent. We do not help to discover it but to develop the business in an innovative way “. To participate in internship camps, it is necessary to fill in the appropriate form.