Looking for Talented Interns for Your Organization?

We Can Help

We have been in contact with businesses and schools for the past 6 years to connect these two entities. Initially train students with practical knowledge and have them do work experience during either school or college.

Students will be supported by professionals who have chosen and have work experience in companies that have contacted us or have made themselves available.

How Internship Camps Can Help Your Organization

STSicily organizes all the logistical aspects of the internship, from accommodation and airport pickup to ensuring that the intern arrives in the host country with a correct visa and suitable permissions to undertake the internship.

The interns enjoy a comprehensive orientation upon arrival in which our team covers local business etiquette and cultural training. Our locally-based team is available 24 hours a day to assist with questions and concerns during the intern’s time abroad.

Benefits for your company

  • Free of Charge: This service comes at no cost to you.
  • Save Time and Money: Let us recruit talented, motivated and qualified interns.
  • Business Training: We provide our interns with pre-internship orientation and professional development training.
  • 6 Year Track Record: Proven success at placing high quality student interns at organization worldwide.

If you are a company interested in becoming our partner, contact us by filling out the form