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Internship Camp
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Internship Camp Online

After 4 years of success in conducting internship programs in Sicily, Italy. This year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have come up with a unique idea of an Internship camp online or Fully remote working.

We are searching for and selecting students across the globe to take part in the first virtual/ remote Internship Camp program.

The internship is only in Marketing, sales, Digital Marketing, Business Development, and Communications. The minimum period is one month up to your choice. At the end of the internship or stage, a digital certificate of the internship camp will be provided. This internship camp program will also be validated for your school credit. The students who are interested in taking part in the Virtual internship will join Sicily (IT) for the real Internship camp or we benefit them to stay in Sicily for one week of their vacation once the Coronavirus pandemic is over.

What is an Internship Camp

Internship Camp is primarily an idea of ​​progress, of sustainable development. It is an experience that involves foreign students who live and work in a limited context, that promote the territory and above all that help local companies to internationalize their business through an internally developed methodology that allows in a short time to have a list of potential contacts. It is a registered trademark.

Why an internship Camp

If you are a company, this is the opportunity to internationalize your business at reduced costs and be promoted beyond national borders, also through communication campaigns that we do for partner companies. If you are a university or a business school, it is an opportunity to have a reliable partner that supports students from the first day of arrival. If you are a student, this is the opportunity to live a highly professionalizing internship experience, which allows you to quickly develop both hard skills and soft skills and above all get in touch with people from all over the world, improve your English or learn a foreign language, live an unforgettable life experience.

Who is the Internship Camp addressed to?

If you are a student of BTS International Trade or you are studying in a Business School or you are studying Marketing, Sales, Commercial, Digital Marketing, Business Strategy, or similar, or you wish to give a big jump to your career, you are ambitious, you are the ideal candidate for us.

We offer two kinds of Internship:

Internship Camp “Beginner”: first work company experience, age 18-21, the first year of the University. Internship Camp Professional: already some internship or work experience, you will be managing in a few weeks the “Beginner” Students, possibly in budgeting, scheduling tasks, etc. you will get a new experience in the manager position in a very short time.

Go Global

Working remotely is a skill, and it can’t be taught in a classroom. An employee’s ability to successfully manage themselves can only be developed through trial and error. Therefore, an online internship is a perfect way to test these skills. Regardless of whether you're joining your academic curriculum, a work, or family duties, a remote internship permits you to go globally from your home, having adaptable hours 20 - 30 h for every week to meet academic or different responsibilities. Having access to a greater international network of professionals is the biggest advantage of remote internships.

Stand up with your resume

You're able to select the duration of your internship, from 1- 48 weeks all round the year according to your school/ university requirements, starting at your convenience. This will give you a chance to improve your resume, whether you are a university student looking for work experience, a recent graduate, or a professional looking for a change in career. Working from home will enhance your time management skills as you have to hold yourself more accountable to complete tasks less micromanaging; problem-solving skills to navigate constant changing times; people skills to communicate with colleagues from around the world and different backgrounds.


Opportunity of a lifetime

It was a really great experience! I was able to meet lifelong friends and explore Sicily! Especially if you are a young student, it's fun to be able to go to bars and clubs and experience life at its finest. This provided me with the confidence that I can handle my respected field and that I can survive on my own in a new country. One thing that I would have to point out, in particular, is the Location Coordinators. They conducted many activities and also B2B fair where it was very useful for us to understand the business approach. I am grateful to have come across STsicily because they really did give me the opportunity of a lifetime.

Adele Godin France

My housing was very close to the work place!

Hi, I am Sophie. I did my summer internship in STSicily for 2 months. I had an opportunity to work with students across the globe. It was great to get to know each other and learn about each other’s culture. This was my first internship abroad and it was my first time away from home. I stayed with 3 other girls. My accommodation was perfect as it was close to the beach, supermarkets and 5 mins by walk from the work place. I could manage my time easily for lunch as the distance was not very far. I had visited many places in the neighboring cities and also STSicily conducted trips to discover various places in the city. This internship will be my memorable experience and I would like to visit this place again in future.

Sophie Brank United Kingdom

Good time in Sicily

The internship was great and I gained a lot of very valuable experience that helped me to face any interviews or any companies to uphold my career. The STSicily team was very helpful and made the process of getting an internship easy. They also set of various events that allowed us to meet other interns & make new friends. The best thing is the network you have access to and the friends you will make. The activities set for us was really great and the places that we discovered was really great. And also we had amazing beach parties overall the experience is worthwhile and we had a good time in Sicily.

Henry Mai Germany

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