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What is an Internship Camp

Internship Camp is primarily an idea of ​​progress, of sustainable development. It is an experience that involves foreign students who live and work in a limited context, that promote the territory and above all that help local companies to internationalize their business through an internally developed methodology that allows in a short time to have a list of potential contacts. It is a registered trademark

Why an internship Camp

If you are a company, this is the opportunity to internationalize your business at reduced costs and be promoted beyond national borders, also through communication campaigns that we do for partner companies. If you are a university or a business school, it is an opportunity to have a reliable partner that supports students from the first day of arrival. If you are a student, this is the opportunity to live a highly professionalizing internship experience, which allows you to quickly develop both hard skills and soft skills and above all get in touch with people from all over the world, improve your English or learn a foreign language, live an unforgettable life experience.

Where is an internship Camp

The first internship camp was launched in Balestrate, an Italian Town in Sicily, in 2016 and saw an exponential increase in both students and companies and universities interested in collaborating with STsicily. By 2021 we will open two more internship camps, in France and Germany. Others are planned in Europe and the world.

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