Piero Tuzzo, Direttore e Cofondatore di StSicily - Piero Tuzzo Director and co-founder of StSicily

Interview with the Director of StSicily: Engineer Piero Tuzzo

Piero Tuzzo, Director and co-founder of StSicily

Piero Tuzzo, a Sicilian engineer, is the creator of the project that gave rise to StSicily, an innovative entrepreneurial reality, based in Balestrate, which helps companies to internationalize, and to motivate young people to find work, “We export Sicily, staying in Sicily”, is the motto of StSticily, a young and dynamic company, specialized in business internationalization, through the Internship Camp ® brand, an initiative thanks to which young people from all over the world are hired and followed in Sicilian companies to work on their development and that of the entire territory. In practice, StSicily operates as an “intermediary”, which acts on three main recipients and guidelines: The school, supporting foreign students in creating employment opportunities through internships and training in the company. SMEs and startups interested in international development, for which they look for young resources to grow, which follows and carries out business development projects. The territory that requires an enhancement from a tourist point of view. StSicily offers an internship program aimed at providing students with the opportunity to acquire, in the company, an international work experience in English, within the welcoming context of the Sicilian region, and to companies the opportunity to experience a international environment and develop business abroad. The StSicily experience was told in an interview with Piero Tuzzo, edited by “Il Settimanale di Bagheria”.


Interview with Piero Tuzzo, published by “il Settimanale di Bagheria”.  

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