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The internship is a period of temporary work in highly professional environments where students inherit knowledge and professional skills that are immediately put in place to confer a diploma or certificate of specialization. Each trainee receives various tasks in accordance with a pre-established education plan of the School and approved by the company of which he is a guest. Finally, it will be the task of the school institute in collaboration with Stsicily and the company to establish a definitive program of training offer.

The internship summer camp (summer to distinguish it from the internship winter camp, winter): is an internship experience that combines professional training, language learning / improvement, through the discovery of the Sicilian territory and the possibility to live this group work experience.

"We offer students a unique opportunity, combining the means of doing business and training in a context of international business. This implies the improvement of a second language: English (compulsory basic knowledge) and Italian (which is not necessary on the other hand) and a cultural and living experience in a multicultural environment with a group of trainee students in Sicily and the Gulf of Castellammare, mainly in Balestrate ".


Through teamwork, young people develop practical and theoretical skills and notions of Leadership and entrepreneurship compare to other students and enjoy at the same time, something that is far from high school: the style of Sicilian life. The accommodations selected for the students are all close to their business (3 min walk), bar-restaurants, supermarkets, and the beach, to maximize the unique and group work and living experience.

We put a lot of efforts in the develop of the SoftSkills.

SoftSkills are your  human, personal and socialskills, directly refer to your emotional intelligence. It is both your “know-how-to-be” and your “savoir-vivre”, they represent your way of hcommunicating with others and are much more mportant in the context of the work than you might think. The importance of Soft Skills? Soft Skills can make the difference during a job interview. Indeed, your career and your diplomas are important, however, recruiters are increasingly interested in Soft Skills and a candidate with fewer qualifications but with lots of soft skills can be preferred over another more qualified. SoftSkills are very important because they’ll help define if you’re a team player, able to build a good relationship with your teammates and your customers. It’s all your know-how that is represented by your soft skills, and that can be decisive whether for an interview or for your career.


In the InternshipCamp

We help to developed, in a short time, the Soft skills like


Personal Branding


Team Spirit



Work Ethic

Interpersonal Skills

Time Management


Attention to Detail


From 2019,we take  students from all over the world and we have Partnership with Business School to engage "experienced Students" : an higher level of students, from Business School, collaborating as Team Leaders/Supervisors of younger students ( First working experience) and managing projects in Marketing/Commercial and Business Development.


Stsicily has strengthened its didactic collaboration network in France and other European countries where we distinguish universities and institutes such as the University of Palermo, Skema Business School, Sup De Vente, Lycée Fragonard, Lycée Marcelin Berthelot, Lycée Albert Schweitzer, ISIFA capital gains in Paris, Lycée Félix le Dantec in Saint-Brieuc, Lycée Jules Lesven in Brest, Lycée Europa, Lycée Saint Gabriel in Cholet, Lycée la Pléiade in Pont de Cheruy, Lycée Gabriel Faure in Tournon-Sur-Rhône, OMNIS in Strasbourg , Jean-Baptiste Colbert High School in Thionville, Choiseul High School in Tours, Condorcet High School, Omnis High School, V.Hugo High School, Lycée Monfort in Luisant.


In a survey of 200 employers (look here the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that the top priorities in new hires included leadershipcollaborationcommunication, problem-solving skills, initiative, flexibility, and a strong work ethic.

However, most employers say potential applicants lack these skills. New hires can’t think critically and creatively, solve complex problems, think on their feet, lead a team, or effectively communicate their ideas. 

Few internships offer these kinds of opportunities for growth. Few starting full-time positions offer these kinds of opportunities for growth. And this kind of growth is important. Many employers are more interested in hiring individuals with a proven track record of leadership, collaboration, and communication than individuals who possess only system knowledge or technical skills. Not because system knowledge and technical skills aren’t important, but because they are easier to teach than leadership, communication, and collaboration

Many internships, especially unpaid internships, fail to develop young people in these areas.


According to recent reports( most nunpaid internships offer, “no advantage to job-seeking students.” In numerous cases, interns, both paid and unpaid, report leaving their employment bored, underutilized, having done the unglamorous work left behind by the company’s employees. Real connections, the lack of access to responsibilities that demonstrate key skills, and exposure to unique experiences just aren’t available through many internship offerings.


Our internship camp is different. Why?


1) we strongly belive that students can have a big impact in company"s result. 

2) we help student to develop their soft skills.

3) This experience is shared with other students

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