The Summer Camps of StSicily In Sicily are about to arrive

Summer Camps of StSicily: internship activities, aimed at young people from all over the world, conceived by StSicily

StSicily, a company that deals with Consulting for Business Development, internationalization and training, announces the next start, scheduled for the month of May in Sicily, of the Summer Camps: internship activities, aimed at young people from all over the world and consultancy for companies. The training courses of StSicily, named with the registered trademark: Internship Camp, are designed to involve a limited number of students, coming from various foreign countries, interested in a first experience of personal and professional development. Students working under the supervision of expert tutors will increase their skills, thus concretely enriching their curriculum. Practical activities in the company focus on: business development, operational marketing, and international trade. StSicily, carefully selects students, partner schools and companies. The positions are available for students who want to develop their career in the areas described, carrying out practical activities in a highly professional environment, focusing mainly on students of Higher Technical Institutes and Business Schools. StSicily can boast of being a member of Sicindustria, an association of industrialists in the Sicily region, which represents the beating heart of the company in the area, intended as a center for development, comparison, and growth. “The name StSicily collects three different meanings: Service Trade, Internship in Sicily, Social Tourism in Sicily, thus highlighting the three souls of the company which are: Consulting, Training and Tourism” – declares Eng. Piero Tuzzo, director and co-founder of StSicily. “In practice, the Internship Camp project consists in welcoming students from all over the world to Sicily, to train them, so as to be able to be placed in companies, and to be able to develop together with us solutions that allow the same companies to internationalize your business “- concludes Piero Tuzzo. StSicily’s activity therefore acts along three main axes: on the one hand, the “World Wide Identity”, that is a concept of global identity, is promoted by addressing young students; on the other hand, companies in a specific territory are helped. , to internationalize its reference markets, and finally the same territory is promoted in the tourism sector. Summer Camps di StSicily - StSicily Summer Camps


Press release from StSicily, published in “Il Settimanale di Bagheria”.  

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