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How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales with An Internship Experience Abroad

How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales with An Internship Experience Abroad?

Sales and customers are the lifeblood of any business. A company that doesn’t sell: either it doesn’t exist yet, or it doesn’t exist anymore. Whether you are an employee (especially in the marketing and sales sector) or an entrepreneur, the ability to close sales and increase your customer portfolio is a necessity.

So how can we make our end-of-study internship abroad a professional springboard that allows us to win clients and influence sales?

Here are 5 ways to make your internship experience abroad a perfect way to gain sales influence and win buyers:

    1. Knowing that “No man is a prophet in his own land!”
    2. Finding a balance between Cultural Awareness and Global Mindset.
    3. Using your language power.
    4. Practice, practice, practice,
    5. Taking advantage of a new setting.

#1 Knowing that “No man is a prophet in his own land!”

Who hasn’t observed in himself or others a new audacity that takes us when we are on vacation in another country? We dare to talk to unknown people, to defy our usual limits, sometimes out of shame or fear, and to try new things. In our everyday environment, we don’t try very hard. So a work experience abroad allows us to experiment with more confidence and less fear of damaging our reputation if we fail. Make your internship a laboratory where anything is possible. With a new setting, far from your daily reality, you will see that it will be easier.

#2 Finding a balance between Cultural Awareness and Global Mindset

Spending time abroad also means spending time with another culture, even other cultures. Not only does this open your mind, but it also allows you to be more alert in the way you communicate. Interpersonal communication is key in business relationships, so you’ll better communicate clearly and read the signs of misunderstanding from your interlocutors. Your internship abroad will allow you—and this is not intuitive—to better understand your culture and the buying habits of people in your community. As a better communicator, you will also have more experience, which will give you lots of anecdotes to tell during the small talks introducing your sales.

#3 — Using your language power

Going to another country often means speaking another language. And speaking another language gives you an undeniable advantage in reaching a broader market. Moreover, speaking the language of your target audience as a foreigner will allow you to connect more easily with your customers emotionally. For this reason, it is crucial to prepare yourself linguistically before your internship so that you can develop the language as much as possible during it and access all the cultural and conversational aspects of the language. Doing this will reinforce the effects mentioned in point 2. Speaking another language is also an achievement that helps you build your self-confidence and self-esteem. And self-confidence, in the right proportion, makes better salesmen.

#4 Practice, practice, practice

Practicing what you have learned at school in another context, country, department, and perhaps another language adds a higher dimension to your practice. The differences in application and context will make you understand better what you have seen in training during your studies.

At ST Sicily, in our complete package, we offer business and marketing courses to guarantee that our interns abroad develop hard skills —in addition to the soft skills mentioned in the previous points. That way, you will be up to date and sure to return to your country of origin with a reinforced professional background. Our package also includes language courses with a choice between English, Italian, German, or Russian.

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#5 — Taking advantage of a new setting

A new setting is not only, as mentioned in point 1, a blank page where everything is possible. If you choose your location wisely, it can be a real asset for social networks. At a time when most sales are made online, think about taking advantage of your internship to create catchy and selling content for social networks. Even if your destination is not the most Instagrammable in the world, the simple fact of doing an internship abroad represents many assets for communication on social networks. You’ll have more adventures, anecdotes, or experiences to share for your personal branding: even if it is only your language experience. Your creativity will increase. The quality and diversity of your content also. You’ll get to meet more people. And you will be able to add all your new encounters on social networks. In short: rely on the trends of the travel posts and on the networking you will do to grow your respective communities and strengthen your personal branding.

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